SAPS 91A Fingerprints

The implementation of AFIS in certain regions/offices might not be viable as the requirement for criminal verifications is merely required on an adhoc basis.

With this in mind MIE is able to offer companies an alternative solution:

SAPS 91A Form Verification Process

  1. On a Company Letterhead:
    The letter must contain the following information:
    • The company name requesting a Criminal by AFIS Check to be performed on the candidate;
    • The reason for the request, e.g. Employment Purposes;
    • The candidate details (Full Names and Surnames, Maiden Names, ID number, Passport Number, Date of Birth.);
  2. If order numbers are required for processing, please also add it to the letter.
  3. Set of Original Fingerprints on a SAPS 91(a) form (available from all Police Stations.)
    Please make sure that the SAPS 91(a) form contains the following information:
    • Details of Police Officer who took the fingerprints;
    • SAPS Date Stamp.
  4. Clear copy of ID/Passport document.
  5. Signed MIE Indemnity form.
  6. Original Fingerprints, documentation and information are couriered to MIE.
  7. Once all requirements are met, the criminal check is submitted to Afiswitch and feedback will be supplied within 10 business days.