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Social Media Screening

There are billions of active social media users in South Africa and as the digital age evolves, social media penetration continues to grow rapidly. Today many of the apps used most frequently by consumers, have surpassed being just apps and have become a lifeline to information about the world around them.

It stands to reason then that social media can be a useful tool for employers too – particularly in acquiring and checking a potential candidate, as social media screening can provide valuable insights into the public and online personality of the candidate, including past and current behaviour.

MIE offer clients comprehensive screening of all social media activities of potential employees for public and private sector employers globally.

The service offered by MIE includes all social media platforms, where complete assessments are conducted in compliance with the latest legislation and guidelines for the protection of information of each country. The comprehensive social media checks are structured around a number of elements that are assessed, scored and reported on.

Social media profiles present a wealth of information on users, and the analysis of this can be used to identify any potential red flags around a candidate’s suitability to the business’s culture prior to, and post-appointment. It can also be leveraged to gain a deeper understanding of employees’ career and personal aspirations. Such data can then be mapped back to job roles or growth and development trajectories for improved employee satisfaction – which is known to have a significant impact on productivity.

Given this, MIE has seen significant growth in social media screening requests and expects the demand for such requests to only grow.