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Executive Summary

Background Screening Index 2015

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Executive Summary

2015 At A Glance

Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE) has noted a significant increase in demand for background screening services in South Africa and Africa over the last five years.

This increase is due to growing recognition of background screening’s benefits for business:

  • Improves quality of hires;
  • Improves staff retention;
  • Mitigates risk and reputational harm;
  • Assists in managing costs; and
  • Uncovers discrepancies.

While background screening in Africa was hardly visible two years ago, awareness among organisations operating in Africa - as well as those recruiting from the continent - that the service is possible and resulted in more and more of these companies vetting candidates across the region.

Background Screening Challenges
  • Information availability
  • Compliance requirements*
  • Turnaround time
  • IT security
  • Lack of industry regulation
* Challenges include the compliance to the National Credit Act Amendment 19 of 2014 (NCAA). The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act promotes the mandatory requirement of obtaining consent from candidates before screening.
Did You Know?

Post-hire screening

  • Has increased in demand over the past decade
  • Is essential across all industries
  • Is a necessity for people working in the financial sector
  • Frequency of re-screening is industry dependant
  • Long-serving employees may have never been screened
  • Employees may have acquired a criminal record after being on-boarded
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