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Process of Performing Background Screening

To conduct a background check, certain information is required before the check can be submitted:

  • Individual’s consent for the checks to be conducted. (The MIE consent form needs to be signed by the individual)
  • Individual’s South African ID number or passport number, date of birth, full names as they appear on the Identity Document.
  • Any information and documentation required for a particular background check e.g. copies of academic qualifications

To conduct a background check, the following quick and easy steps need to be followed:

  1. Capture and submit the background checks.
    • Directly on our website (ePCV) (This is available for both current contract clients and pay-as-you-go clients)
    • Via our SmartScreen application. (This is available for contract clients only)
    • Send a list of checks to be conducted in a batch using the MIE Excel Format. (This is available for contract clients only)
    • Capture and submit via your own system by integrating into the MIE services. (This is available for contract clients only)

  2. Supply any additional information
    • MIE may request additional information in order to complete a check. This may include a copy of the consent form or a copy of the academic certificate.
    • This information can be uploaded to MIE via the website or SmartScreen, or it can be emailed as an attachment.

  3. View MIE Report
    • Depending on the checks submitted, results can take from several minutes to several days.
    • By default, the report will be emailed to the person that submitted the request for verification.
    • The report can also be viewed via ePCV or SmartScreen.