National Qualifications Register - NQR

  • The NQR® is the cornerstone of tertiary qualification verifications
  • MIE hosts 3.5 million graduates qualifications from over 30 of Southern Africa’s largest institutions
  • Get instant verification on an individual's qualification

The National Qualifications Register NQR® is an electronic register of all qualifications issued by subscribing institutions. The register is updated regularly to reflect the most recent graduation status for each institution, and enables almost instantaneous verification feedback.

To date, almost all of South Africa’s leading Universities and Universities of Technology, and several independent colleges, subscribe to the register, while MIE is negotiating with several others for their inclusion.

The NQR® allows for checking of diplomas, degrees, honours, masters, doctorates, PhD's from subscribing institutions.

Owned and operated by MIE, the register was established in an ongoing effort to optimise the accuracy and speed of qualification verifications.