Academic Transcripts

  • MIE has been appointed by the University of Pretoria
Price Increase from 1 June 2017

Please take note of the Transcript price increase – effective 1 June 2017:

  • Academic Record – R135.00
  • Academic Transcript – R920.00
  • Certificate Reprint / Translation – R135.00
  • Official Letter – R135.00
  • Questionnaire – R108.00

  • ** Please note all prices above includes VAT

MIE administers Academic Transcripts on behalf of the University of Pretoria.

Please take note that this service is currently only available for formal University of Pretoria (UP) qualifications (no short courses).

Please also take note that the University of Pretoria cannot confirm that alumni attended classes in a specific language.

MIE will not be able to assist with the releasing of any records if you have an outstanding account with UP. To confirm your account status with UP please contact the Department of Finance at the University of Pretoria: Frans Mothogoane – 012 420 5115 or Tinus Venter – 012 420 5110 before making a payment to MIE for products required.

Please read Transcripts Terms and Conditions as per below and attached to the request forms.

Terms and conditions

Academic Transcripts


This service is only offered for qualifications (i.e. degree and official diploma courses) from UP and is also offered for all alumni of UP i.e. any former students of the UP, whether they are enrolled for further studies or not.

Academic Records are not provided for courses that students are currently registered towards - the student has to approach the UP ‘Client Services Centre’ for assistance. After completion of any qualification at UP, every alumnus is supplied with an Academic Record (sent to the former student, together with the finalist letter) and a declaration (issued at the official graduation ceremony). If not received prior to or on the day of graduation, please query with the UP Administration Centre or your Faculty. All transcripts must be requested through MIE. MIE is unable to provide documents for informal courses such as short courses, Academic Records, Academic Transcripts, translations and certificates or answer questionnaires for any other tertiary institution, which includes ‘Continuing Education at UP’.

MIE provides all documents in English. You are required to specify in the request form (see page 2, paragraph D on the request form) if the documents are required in Afrikaans.

As per UP Policy, only documented information found in academic year books can be included in the Academic Transcript. No information from study guides or additional information supplied by lecturers will be included. Practical hours completed should be supplied as additional information (see page 2, paragraph D of the request form).

All documents will be printed in color on UP letterheads and signed by an authorised UP representative. The certificate of conduct (unofficial document) will be printed on a blank page and stamped and signed by the authorised UP representative.

Service Expectations

MIE / UP cannot be held responsible for loss of products, transport cost or any other costs incurred by the client due to a failure of either, Eskom, Telkom, or the South African Power and Telecommunications utilities respectively.

MIE / UP can also not be held responsible for a delay in feedback due to protest actions taking place at the premises of the University of Pretoria.

An email notification will be sent confirming that the document will be dispatched via our courier services or emailed.

Please take note: If more than one (1) product is requested the longest turnaround time will apply to the entire request.

Published turnaround times will not apply for qualifications obtained from Vista University, Goudstad, Heidelberg, NKP (Normaal Kollege Pretoria) and nursing qualifications obtained from the Nursing Faculty at UP.

Charges and Payment

You can make an electronic transfer or a direct deposit to the MIE Standard Bank account. Please see Transcript Request Form for banking details.

If you are paying from a non-South African bank account, you must pay the mandatory ‘International Administration Fee’. This covers forex fees and banking fees but not delivery fees.

Please confirm the amount due to MIE before making payment. MIE will not be liable for additional fees incurred as a result of incorrect amounts paid, nor the delay in processing the request.

The full academic history is provided in the ‘Academic Record’, and is not charged per qualification. Prices for all other products (‘Academic Transcript’, ‘Questionnaire’, ‘Declaration reprint / Translation’) are charged per qualification (e.g. A Bachelor’s degree and an Honours degree and a CTA count as 3 separate qualifications).

Prices for additional copies are charged per copy, per document requested.

Published prices / fees can change without prior notice.

If you request and pay for an Academic Transcript (product 2), you are not required to pay for a Questionnaire should you require one too. If any other product is requested together with a Questionnaire you will be required to pay the R108-00 per qualification obtained for the Questionnaires. Payment terms are strictly cash on order. If full payment is not received together with the transcript application form, the request will not be processed. No credit card payments will or can be processed.

MIE charges a R50-00 administration fee for overpayments if a refund is required.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount paid will be charged where the request is cancelled more than 24 hours after it has been received by MIE, provided the request was not loaded on the MIE system yet.

Should the data subject have an outstanding account, a fine or outstanding library material at UP or there is a block on the data subject’s Academic Record, monies paid to MIE for the compilation of the Academic Transcript will be forfeited, unless the data subject settles accounts in arrears with UP, and the block is lifted, within 10 working days of MIE notifying the client and the data subject. The client must notify MIE in writing that the block has been lifted.

Written Consent Required

A signed MIE Transcript Request Form is required for all transcript requests for qualifications obtained from the University of Pretoria, the proof of payment for the specific products ordered, courier fees and/or scanning fees should be forwarded to MIE

1: Full Academic Records

Academic Record including a Certificate of Conduct:

  • This report contains all marks and subjects, for all modules passed and failed.
  • A certificate of conduct (alumni’s behaviour during the period of study) is included on the last page of the academic record.
  • A set of 3 original copies will be supplied.
  • Price: R135-00 per set of 3 original copies.
  • Turnaround time from time request and proof of payment are received by MIE: 3 working days excluding courier time

2: Academic Transcripts

  • This report contains the detail of all modules as well as a short description of each module completed at the University of Pretoria. One academic record will be included in the final document.
  • The University of Pretoria doesn’t keep record of practical hours. This should be supplied by the client. For nursing qualifications, you have to contact Dr Maree at the Nursing Faculty of the University of Pretoria she will forward the detail to UP. Please take note that additional information in this regard can affect the turnaround time of your request.
  • Please contact MIE before making payment should you have specific requirements.
  • Details (if available) include:
    • Admission requirements
    • The length of the course
    • The list of the prescribed subjects
    • Details of the subject modules (i.e. if they include practical classes)
    • The length of the modules
  • Details not available for inclusion in the transcript:
    • Lists of textbooks and copies of study guides
  • If an academic transcript is required for more than one degree, the details for all the requested degrees will be combined into one document, as per the official format of UP.
  • Price: R920-00 per degree
  • Turnaround time from time request and proof of payment are received by MIE: 12 working days excluding courier time.
  • A draft copy of the document will be forwarded to you electronically for approval, finalisation of this document should be confirmed by you in writing within 48 hours from the time that the draft document was received.

3: Questionnaires

  • A questionnaire is a formal document which contains specific details of a candidate and their qualification information. This document is often a requirement of specific national and international institutions for individual registration or accreditation purposes.
  • Examples of institutions who require questionnaires: WES, ECER, CAPR, FCCPT, LSAC, ICAS, HCPC, CES, Nursing Council of NZ, Medical Councils, Law Societies, etcetera.
  • Price: R108-00 per questionnaire
  • Turnaround time from time request and proof of payment are received by MIE: If requested with product 1, 2, 4 or 5 the longest turnaround time will apply

4: Official Letter

  • An official letter is printed on a University of Pretoria letterhead and is compiled according to the client's specification. The content normally reflects specific academic transcript or academic record details
  • Note that a certificate of conduct cannot be printed on an official letterhead – please refer to product 1 if this service is required.
  • Contact {0} to confirm the details of an official letter prior to requesting the formal document.
  • One academic record (marks and subjects, passed and failed for all degrees) will be included in the final document.
  • Price: R135-00 per official letter
  • Turnaround time from time request and proof of payment are received by MIE: 3 working days excluding courier time

5: Declaration Reprints / Translations

  • Declaration (Certificate) Reprints can be printed in the original language that it was received in, or translated into English. Please indicate your preference on the request form.
  • A declaration reprint in the same language it was originally issued will contain a red seal.
  • A translation of a declaration will not have a red seal and will be clearly marked as a translation.
  • Price: R135-00 per declaration / translation.
  • Turnaround time from time request and proof of payment are received by MIE: 3 working days excluding courier time

Requests for Vista University, Goudstad, Heidelberg and NKP (Normaal Kollege Pretoria) qualifications:

  • When applying for a Declaration / Translation, please take note that the subjects will not appear on the reprint issued by UP. If a list of subjects is required, please apply for the academic record (product 1) as well.
  • Requests for Goudstad qualifications:
    • Proof of the qualification must be submitted together with the request in order for the declaration / translation to be printed
  • Requests for Vista University, Goudstad, Heidelberg and NKP (Normaal Kollege Pretoria):
    • Complete page 4 of the Academic Transcripts UP Request Form (Pre-screening request form to confirm if your qualification details are available on the University of Pretoria’s Database for studies done at Vista University, NKP, Heidelberg and Goudstad Teachers Colleges) and forward this to MIE, before making payment. You will be notified to make payment after UP has confirmed whether the records are available. MIE will not be liable for incorrect and/or omitted information contained in the documents requested if written instructions were not included in the request form sent to MIE (see page 2, paragraph D on the request form). Published turnaround times will not apply for qualifications obtained from Vista University, Goudstad, Heidelberg and NKP Normaal Kollege Pretoria

Requests for Academic Records or Academic Transcripts for nursing qualifications obtained from UP:

  • Academic Records and Academic Transcripts are available on the UP portal.
  • Declarations cannot be processed for the Nursing Faculty at UP.
  • Published turnaround times will not apply to nursing qualifications obtained from the Nursing Faculty of UP.

The delivery fee depends on the address to which documents are sent and rates provided to MIE by the authorised MIE courier company. Please note that scanning and courier fees are payable in addition to the amounts payable for each product. You can also choose to make use of your own courier services - documentation should then be collected by your courier service from UP.

Delivery, Scanning, and Collection charges are as follows:

  • Courier to one (1) South African address: R200-00
  • Courier to one (1) International address: R1 000-00
  • Courier to one (1) Africa address: R600-00
  • Scanned copies of documentation can be requested at an additional once off administration fee of R30.00
  • It is your responsibility to supply MIE with the correct delivery address. The delivery address must be a physical address. MIE cannot courier documents to a postal address, Post Office or Postnet.
  • MIE will not be liable for additional fees incurred due to incorrect delivery details supplied.
  • MIE can also not take the responsibility for lost or damaged documents if you make use of your own courier service.
  • If documents are to be couriered to different addresses, please ensure that you make payment accordingly and that you request and pay for copies of documents for all addresses supplied.
  • Documents can be collected from the MIE Office in Centurion (dates for collection from MIE’s office in Centurion will be supplied in the final document send to you by MIE) or the UP Office in Hatfield, Pretoria. Documents for collection will only be kept for 4 weeks after which it will be destroyed and a new request should be submitted to MIE.

Can I make use of my own courier service?

Yes, your courier service will have to collect the documentation from the MIE Office in Centurion or from the UP Offices in Hatfield. The collection address will be supplied via email once the documents are ready for collection by your courier service.

Can MIE assist with Transcripts for other Universities?

Unfortunately we can currently only assist with Transcripts for the University of Pretoria.

Can the Certificate of Conduct be requested?

The Certificate of Conduct is noted on the Academic Record by default.

Will the Academic Record include all qualifications?

The Full Academic Record will include all FORMAL qualifications obtained at the University of Pretoria. No short courses will be included and need to be requested from CE@UP directly.

Can a third party apply on a student’s behalf?

No, the student needs to sign the application form. No information will be supplied without the consent of the student whose information is required.

Can a request be expedited?

No. In order to be fair to all applicants, requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

Who issues the documentation requested?

MIE only handles the administration of the application and all documentation requested is issued by the University of Pretoria directly.

Can the University of Pretoria assist with Vista University / Normaal Kollege Pretoria / Goudstad Teachers College / Heidelberg Teachers College qualifications?

The page allocated for these institutions need to be completed first and forwarded to MIE BEFORE making payment for MIE to confirm with the University of Pretoria if the records are available – please see page 4 of the UP Transcripts Request forms. MIE will notify the outcome to the past student as soon as possible after receiving this document.

Can the University of Pretoria confirm or issue a letter confirming that a student attended classes in English?

No, students who require confirmation that they attended classes in a specific language are advised to provide the third-party institution requiring such confirmation with a sworn statement to the effect that they attended classes in a specific language. Policy of the University of Pretoria is that they cannot verify such information.

Can personal details be amended on Graduation Certificates after the student has graduated, for example the surname?

No detail on a requested declaration/translation of a graduation certificate can be changed. It must be identical to the original to avoid fraud.

Will the applicant be notified if the parcel is couriered?

When making use of the authorised MIE Courier Service, the applicant will receive an email notification that will include the tracking number for the parcel upon the completion of the application. All documentation is couriered directly from the University of Pretoria.

Where do I get the banking details to make payment?

The Banking details are noted on the application documentation – page 3.

Delivery Queries

Can the documentation be collected instead of couriered or scanned?

Yes, documentation can be collected from the UP / MIE Offices. The collection address will be supplied once the documents are finalised and is ready for collection.

Payment Queries

Where do I get the banking details to make payment?

The Banking details are noted on the 3rd page of the UP Transcripts Request Forms.

When receiving an invoice does this mean that payment has not been received?

Invoices are issued to the applicant as proof that the application has been processed and that payment has been received for the products listed on the invoice.