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Global Screening

MIE has developed in-depth knowledge of background screening practices around the globe and in an environment where the data-availability terrain can be treacherous, in-country partnerships and background screening expertise has allowed MIE to become the powerhouse of pre-employment screening. MIE is able to deliver a focused and specialised global screening programme to clients.

Thorough screening of potential employees will provide a well-rounded profile of the candidate and will, even more importantly, go a long way in mitigating the risk that a candidate with an undesirable track record might bring to your organisation.

MIE Global offers comprehensive screening services in over 30 African countries. It also boasts a network of reputable screening partners from all 6 continents around the globe.

We are experts in implementing in-house International Screening Programs within an organisation. This applies both to multinationals and to organisations that appoint foreigners. By determining what recruitment risks are currently not being screened; conducting a needs analysis; product training; implementation and ongoing feedback, MIE Global is able to ensure that all relevant risks associated with recruitment are addressed and controlled.

MIE’s global screening services include:

  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Application and verification of Police Clearance
  • Credit Check
  • Civil Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Identity / Passport verification
  • Passport match
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Qualification Verification
  • Employment History
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Referee Interviews
  • Legal Right to Work
  • Social Media Reports
  • Sanctions
  • Directorship search
  • World Check

Should you be interested in finding out more about our global screening services, please do not hesitate to contact MIE Global on

Criminal Record Checks

  • Application for a clearance certificate - MIE applies for a clearance certificate on behalf of the candidate (fingerprints are required)
  • Verification of a clearance certificate - MIE verifies the authenticity of a clearance certificate directly with the issuing body
  • Criminal record checks - a name and identity record check are done with the Police

Credit Checks

MIE is able to offer credit checking facilities on the continent. Not all African countries have a developed credit industry, where countries vary in terms of:


  • The most developed countries in Africa in terms of Credit will have at least 1 fully functioning Credit Bureau. Those that are less developed in terms of credit recording have a Public Credit Registry. Lastly, the underdeveloped countries in terms of credit recording do not have a bureau or a registry. In these regions the Central Banks store the data and they do not share it.


  • In certain countries it is illegal to sell credit information for non-credit purposes. In other words, the information is only available to credit providers.


  • The depth and availability of credit data varies greatly on the continent. Certain countries are able to sell both positive and negative data, whereas in others MIE can only access the negative data. The addition of positive data helps gives a clearer picture of the candidate’s spending patterns/behaviour.

MIE only accesses credit information from Private Credit Bureaus. It is for this reason that we are unable to offer this service in certain countries. We caution of being wary of suppliers who do.

Qualification Verification

MIE is able to verify secondary and tertiary qualifications in all African countries. African institutions vary greatly in terms of time, processes, record-keeping and cost. A few things to note:


  • Turnaround times (TATs) do vary significantly and MIE cannot guarantee our TATs on the continent. Many institutions are not aware of the purpose or importance of qualification verification.


  • Qualification verification processes do vary. One should always attach a clear copy of the certificate/degree. This will assist greatly in verifying the candidate’s credentials.


  • Certain institutions do not have comprehensive electronic qualification data. Files are kept in a large storeroom which needs to be searched manually.


  • Unfortunately, certain institutions think that the verification of their own student records is an opportunity for an additional stream of revenue. The costs of Background Screening, however, will likely decrease as the demand increases and the market matures.

Identity Verifications

MIE is able to offer ID verifications, Passport checks, Citizenship checks and Permanent Residency/Work Permit checks. Not all of these are available in all regions as certain countries do not have adequate identification information on its citizens or we have been unable to source this information.

MIE is only able to conduct screening on an individual who either has an identity number and/or a passport. In lieu of these we are not able to confirm the candidate’s credentials.

Driver’s Licence

MIE is able to verify both professional and standard driver’s licences in up to 30 different African countries.

Other Services

MIE also offers the following products in various sub-Saharan countries:

  • Adverse Financial History checks
  • Civil Litigation checks
  • Bankruptcy checks
  • Financial Regulatory Checks: is the candidate registered to sell financial products?
  • Death Certificate Verification: used specifically in the insurance industry to verify the validity of claims.
  • Employment History and Confirmation: used to verify employment dates, position, performance, etc.
  • Reference Checks: Referees are contacted with a set of performance and character-based questions.
  • Media Searches: Online media channels are searched.
  • Sanction checks

Should you be interested in finding out more about our global screening services, please do not hesitate to contact MIE Global on