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  1. Any person who after viewing a MIE report on him or her or has been advised by another party who has viewed an MIE report for a lawful purpose, about him or her, of the contents of the report, believes that the information on the report is incorrect may lodge a dispute using the MIE Dispute Form.
  2. A Disputant may dispute any of the following information:
    • that they have a criminal record
    • disputes information on their credit report such as a court order, adverse credit information or debt review status
    • the result of a qualification verification result
    • the result of any other verification such as membership or license or professional affiliation
    • the result of an employment verification
  3. The completed and signed dispute form together with the required supporting documents must be sent to the MIE Disputes mailbox
  4. Once the completed dispute form and supporting documentation has been received and checked for completeness, MIE disputes team will formally acknowledge the dispute and issue the Disputant with a MIE dispute reference number.
  5. Resolution of the dispute is expected to be issued within 20 business days.

Dispute Resolution Form

Download Dispute Resolution Form

Dispute Power of Attorney Form

Download Dispute Power of Attorney Form