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Credit Check

AAll MIE credit checks are performed in a real-time electronic environment, ensuring fast and accurate service. As an accredited Credit Bureau, MIE sources credit information directly from four major bureaus in South Africa.

MIE has long-standing relationships with several of South Africa’s leading credit bureaus including:

  • TransUnion
  • Compuscan
  • Experian
  • XDS

A typical Consumer Credit check returns the following information:

  • Defaults and judgements, if any
  • Notices (e.g. sequestrations), if any
  • Address and job histories
  • Previous enquiry histories
  • And several other items

Combined Credit

  • A combined credit report with details from TransUnion, Experian, XDS and Compuscan.

Bank Account Verification

  • This check will establish whether the person’s bank account details are correct and valid and verifies the identity of an account holder against the account number supplied.

Bank Code

  • Company bank information is investigated by the credit bureau on either a company or an individual. A bank code is given for the amount specified.

The Company Credit Standing provides information about the business stability of a company by checking the following:

  • Trade on File
  • Statutory Detail on File
  • Subject Default
  • Principal Detail
  • Enquiry History
  • Bank on File
  • Deeds on File


The Sequestration check verifies if an individual has been declared insolvent. Insolvency in South African law refers to a status of diminished legal capacity imposed by the courts on persons who are unable to pay their debts, or whose liabilities exceed their assets.

This consumer check is pertinent to when an organisation hires an individual in a position of trust and handling of finances.

Consumer Trace

The trace provides you with the following information which includes:

  • Address History
  • Contact Numbers History and
  • Employment History.