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Benefits of Background Screening

The primary benefit of Background Screening is that it avoids the problem of an unsuited individual or organisation being hired or utilised. The repercussion of not screening is that it could lead to increased costs and risks due to untruthful, incorrect, or deliberate omission of information by the person or organisation.

To mitigate risks for companies looking to hire employees, it is quickly becoming standard practice to screen prospective employees during the hiring process. By conducting pre-employment screening, the following benefits can be realised:

  • Peace of mind in ensuring that a high calibre individual has been appointed with skills relevant to the job profile.
  • A reduction in training and employee development costs, resulting in increased productivity as the most suited employee was hired for the position.
  • Improved regulatory compliance to HR procedures during the hiring process where particular credential verifications are required.
  • Risk mitigation against negative reputation associated with hiring of individuals whose job history and skills are questionable.
  • Pro-active Background Screening helps organisation avoid costly litigation due to dismissals that may result in arbitration.

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