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Background Screening Index 2014

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The importance of background screening was once again thrust into the public domain in 2014 when prominent South African figures were caught altering their CV’s in order to obtain high-ranking positions in both the public and private sectors. The South African media had a field day exposing these high-profiled individuals that lied about their qualifications. These individuals were publically identified and the perpetrators named and shamed. Amongst these included the SAA CEO, the SAA Board Chairwoman, the SABC Board Chairwoman, the SABC Chief Operating Officer, KwaZulu-Natal police spokesman, the CEO of Gateway Airports Authority Limited and the former Arts and Culture Minister.

It is safe to say that lying about qualifications is alive and well in South Africa. In fact, this list is only a drop in the ocean of people who have lied and/or forged documents in order to secure the job. There are hundreds of people in the middle and lower ranks of the public service and in the private sector who have been less than honest about their qualifications.

The purpose of the MIE Background Screening Index is to draw attention to those areas where the highest incidences of adverse results occur when conducting a background check. Covering all sectors of South African business, and indeed parts of the African business sectors, the statistics highlight once again the importance of background screening as a critical part of a stringent pre-employment process for all organisations to undertake in order to eliminate any potential risk, negligent hiring and unnecessary costs.