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Background Screening Index 2015

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Why do businesses utilise background screening?

  • Peace of mind that an appropriately skilled and experienced candidate is chosen to fill the relevant position
  • Reduced training and employee development costs
  • Higher levels of productivity within screened roles
  • Improved regulatory and HR compliance during the hiring process
  • Risk and litigation mitigation

What is Background Screening?

Also known as ‘background checks’, ‘suitability checks’ and ‘probity checks’, background screening is the process of verifying and authenticating various personal and confidential information of an individual or organisation.

Screening Tip

The primary objective of background screening is to ensure that an organisation’s workforce is honest, appropriately qualified, skilled and experienced - ultimately avoiding negative financial, legal and productivity implications.

Did You Know?

Demand by businesses for background screening has increased by 11% over the last five years.