Criminal Record Check

  • MIE processes the highest number of criminal record checks
  • All fingerprints are submitted to AFIS to check for a criminal record
  • MIE has the largest database of hosted digital fingerprints in Southern Africa for quick and easy rechecking of criminal records

Criminal record checks in South Africa are legally required to be verified by using a set of digitally captured fingerprints. Using the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), the fingerprints are checked electronically directly against the South African Police Services (SAPS) database.

MIE uses software provided by AFISwitch to allow you to quickly and easily capture fingerprints on SmartScreen and/or ePCV and submit them to check for a possible criminal record. The average turnaround time from AFISwitch is 2 working days.

MIE is an accredited AFISwitch reseller.

As a registered AFISwitch reseller, MIE hosts over 1.2 million digital fingerprints that have been previously submitted to MIE. These fingerprints were then submitted to AFIS and used to check an individual's possible criminal record. Registered MIE clients can access an individual’s fingerprints that were previously taken and stored on the MIE database.

MIE makes the individual fingerprint set available if the following requirements have been met:

  • Consent by the individual
  • The fingerprint set is of clear and high quality
  • An Approved Fingerprint request has been submitted for the individual to MIE via SmartScreen or ePCV.

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