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AFISwitch Training and Support

MIE verifies whether or not your prospective employee has a Criminal Record through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

The verification process is seamless:

  1. Train your staff on capturing fingerprints at MIE.
  2. Purchase the MSO300 device from MIE.
  3. Capture and submit your candidate’s fingerprints to MIE for verification.

MIE’s CBO's are available, by appointment, to go to your company’s premises to capture candidate’s fingerprints. The CBO will process the fingerprints on behalf of your company.

Mobile CBO Process:

  1. Appointment is made with MIE’s Mobile CBO division.
  2. CBO arrives at your required premises.
  3. CBO captures candidate’s fingerprints.
  4. Submit fingerprints for a criminal check on behalf your company to MIE for processing.
  5. Receive result within 2 business days from MIE.