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Systems Integration

  • Integrate with the MIE backend systems to simplify the Background Screening process
  • Capture background checks directly in your own software system, and submit through to MIE directly
  • Verification results can be sent back to your own software systems

MIE offers the ability to integrate into our backend systems from your own applications and system. Integration allows you to submit Background Screening checks through to the MIE backend systems, and allows MIE to send the results back to your system as the checks are processed.

MIE currently offer 2 kinds of integration.

  1. Web Services

    This is a integration implementation that works via standard SOAP web-services or WCF services. This integration offers the benefit of allowing the 3rd party to capture and submit orders directly in their own systems. Results of the submitted order can then be sent back to the 3rd party system. Basically, users never have to leave the comfort of their own system in order to do Background Screening.

  2. ePCV Web Application

    This integration makes use of MIE's ePCV web application to capture and submit orders. Optionally the order can be "pre-captured" by the 3rd party system before the user actually completes and submits the order in ePCV. Results can then be sent by email or via web-service calls to the 3rd party system. This integration allows for simpler integration and less 3rd party development time as most of the work happens in the ePCV application.

MIE has successfully integrated into major software systems:

MIE has also had successful integration from 3rd parties using the following technologies:





HTML5 and Javascript