Workplace References

Employment reference - confirmation

  • References from previous employers are verified regarding information such as dates, positions and reasons for resignation.

Employment Reference – Standard Competency Questionnaire

  • Competency based reference with up to 8 different competencies being confirmed.

Employment Reference – Executive Competency Questionnaire

  • Competency based reference with up to 18 different competencies being confirmed.

Character Employment Reference

  • Reference done on the candidate’s character, their responsibilities, strengths, weaknesses.

* Employment references are available globally.

A Risk Assessment includes a minimum number of standard personal credential verifications.

This is determined by the level of employment for which the candidate is being considered for.

Based on these findings - and in line with your policies - MIE will “Recommend” or “Not Recommend” the candidate.

Confirm past employment over a period of 3 – 5 years, identify career gaps and the reasons thereof.

MIE integrated reports ensure that the screening process is placed in the hands of a reputable, reliable and objective third party.

Recommendations highlight areas of concern and thereby assist in eradicating any potential for nepotism or bias in your recruitment process.