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Background Screening in Africa

Background screening services are typically required by in-country organisations employing local nationals as well as organisations from around the world which employ candidates from Africa.

MIE offers detailed and specific background screening services in 15 African countries (in addition to South Africa).

MIE’s African vetting services include:

  • Credit checks
  • Criminal checks
  • Qualification verification
  • Drivers licence checks
  • Employment reference verification
  • Media search
  • World checks

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Background Screening Challenges in Africa

African countries have their own, unique legislation – or lack thereof.

Credit, labour, data privacy and freedom of information legislation directly impacts background screening capabilities. This presents a challenge for businesses which are required to ensure the legality of their in-country recruitment practices.

Screening Tip
African qualifications carry high risk of being fraudulent, qualification checks are therefore vital when operating in or recruiting from Africa.
Did You Know?
The availability and reliability of data presents a major challenge when conducting background checks in Africa.
Companies making use of background screening services in Africa should not only rely on verifying candidate’s qualifications, but also check their credit and criminal history in their country of origin.

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