Criminal Record Screening

Background Screening Index 2016

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In South Africa, criminal record checks are legally required to be verified using a set of digitally captured fingerprints. MIE utilises AFIS, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System, where all fingerprints are captured and electronically checked against the South African Police Service (SAPS) database.

MIE has a database of over 3.9 million digital sets of fingerprints. These hosted fingerprints can be accessed by registered MIE clients.

Criminal record checks provide businesses with the insight and information they require regarding potential and existing employees’ criminal backgrounds. MIE has classified all criminal activities into various categories. MIE’s 2016 criminal statistics revealed the following:

MIE has the capability to assist with the expungement process of criminal records. The latter is only possible if:

  • The offence is considered to be trivial, or the punishment is no longer constitutional
  • You were given the option to pay a fine of R20 000 or less
  • You were told that paying said fine would not result in a criminal record, but have since discovered the existence of such a record

MIE’s criminal record check statistics highlights interesting data by industry sector. It shows that over 20% of candidates in the Manufacturing industry have a criminal record, followed by the Mining industry at 18%. We also identified the percentage of candidates with a criminal record are high within the Security and Transport & Logistic industries when compared to other industry sectors.



FACE THE FACTS... In 2016, MIE conducted 741,560 criminal record checks of which 10% were found to have a criminal record. 48,167 of these candidates did not disclose that they had a criminal history upfront. Upon application for a criminal record check, candidates are required to complete a form on which previous convictions must be disclosed.