About Us

  • We are the largest, oldest and most recognised Background Screening company in South Africa.
  • MIE is a symbol of change in the Personal Credential Verification industry.

Managed Integrity Evaluation (Pty) Ltd’s pioneering spirit and success can be linked to its ability to continually raise the bar.

Headed by Michelle Baron-Williamson as CEO.

Transactions 1998 - to date:

1988 - 1998

Staff Complement

1 - 7

1999 - 2003

Staff Complement

7 - 15

2003 - 2008

Staff Complement

15 - 40

2009 - to date

Staff Complement

40 - 70

The First Era: 1988 – 1998

The Starting Years:

What does MIE stand for?

  • “Mannekrag Integriteits Evaluering” translated as “Manpower Integrity Evaluation”

Where did MIE start off?

  • MIE started off in a garage with a fax machine. In the age of no cell phones, email addresses or PC’s; fax machines were considered cutting edge technology.
  • MIE was the only kid on the private Background Screening block.

How did MIE process orders?

  • Orders were often received via post office packages and letters. Background Screening feedback reports were typed on golf-ball typewriters and later on IBM computers running MultiMate Advantage II.
The Second Era: 1999 – 2003
Resource Services Background Screening

The Development Years:

It was the time of the Great Y2K Scare, the biggest New Year’s parties in history were being planned for the Millennium and petrol cost a mere 67 cents per litre.

MIE’s incumbent system, codenamed Vista was straining under the weight of processing more than 100 transactions per day!

MIE developed the NQR™ (the National Qualifications Register) to manage qualification verification on behalf of all South African Universities.

  • Today the NQR™ hosts more than 3.5 million student records.

“Integration” was the keyword! Get the fingers off the keyboards! Tight integration with ITC, Experian, the SAPS and Umalusi was implemented.

1000 verifications per day became a breeze!

The Third Era: 2003 – 2008
Kroll Background Screening

The Kroll Years:

Midway through 2003 MIE was acquired by international background screener Kroll Inc. The company was rebranded to Kroll MIE

How many transactions did you do?

  • We reached the 150,000 transactions mark.
  • Then a milestone:
    • In 2006, MIE verified its 1,000,000th transaction, and two years later celebrated its 2,000,000th verification.
      MIE had entered the millionaire’s club!

The National Credit Act came into effect and MIE registered as a Credit Bureau.

  • A testimony to the company’s ability to adapt, innovate and grow.

Muvoni was eyeing the Kroll crown jewels for one and the criminal record stage was set to raise the Background Screening bar.

The Fourth Era: 2009 – October 2014
Muvoni Background Screening

The Muvoni Years:

The American-led Kroll brand was seeking to consolidate across the Atlantic. It made sense, everyone wanted it to be so, and MIE was acquired in full by the Muvoni group in 2009.

One of the first challenges for the new MIE was a dramatic change in the way criminal record checks were to be conducted. The SAPS required scanned fingerprint images!

MIE responded with one of its most effective innovations yet: SmartScreen®.

  • The first, and for a long time only app of its kind
  • SmartScreen® changed the Background Screening landscape.

In response to a serious demand for SmartScreen® and its abilities, MIE built a custom training venue and developed a mobile training team that extended the company’s reach even further.

The 3, 4, 5 and 6,000,000th transactions hit the servers in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.

To celebrate, MIE built Background Screening’s first mobile app - MIETouch

The Fifth Era: November 2014 and beyond...
EOH Group of Companies

The EOH Group acquired Managed Integrity Evaluation signalling a new era for the company. MIE might have a new Holding company but the same old standards of excellence remain.

About EOH:

  • Leader in Technology and Knowledge services.
  • Listed on the JSE since 1998, and boasted the best share performance on the JSE in 2013.
  • Rated 2014 as the 2nd best performer on the JSE.
  • Operates in 120 locations in South Africa and 29 countries across Africa.
  • A staff compliment of 8,000.

MIE will remain an independent business within the EOH Group and continue to do what we do best: provide exceptional background screening services. The intention of the acquisition is to grow MIE’s business, and not change MIE’s continued successful business model. The existing MIE Management Team will continue to be the driving force and they assure their customers that the acquisition will not lead to any changes in service delivery.

An assurance to our clients is that:

  • MIE will remain MIE.
  • Nothing will change in MIE’s day to day operations.
  • You will continue to work with the same people that you have dealt with in the past. All of our staff is being retained in their current roles.
  • Your fee structure will not change.
  • Your agreement with MIE will continue unchanged.
  • All candidate information remains confidential.

What lies ahead?
ZoomOut - Powered by MIE

  • ZoomOut is the interconnection between supply chain and HR.
  • The software flags conflict of interest by detecting potential risk in the employee-vendor relationships.

Sub-Saharan Verifications

  • MIE is the only Background Screening company in South Africa to make available verifications from 16 countries.