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Psychometric and Competency Based Assessments

We believe that people assets are the key to success for any organisation. We partner with our clients to ensure that they have the best talent in their organisations to deliver on its mandate by utilising a range of scalable, best of its class assessments, combined with our industry expertise.

We offer a large range of "off the shelf" assessments, such as personality, emotional intelligence, cognition, integrity and skills assessments.

What our clients say

“Our overall level of satisfaction with the assessment service, the level of skill and professionalism of the team is very good”.
Mdu Mazibuku
Council for Geoscience

“MIE have provided consistent, professional and well utilised services and inputs to our organisation over a number of years. We will use the MIE Assessment Team again”.
Andre Michaux
Film and Publication Board

“Liberty Group has been using the services of MIE since 2017. We feel that the project was very well executed. Everyone involved from the MIE team was presentable, professional and well qualified.”
Bulelwa Mehlomakulu
Divisional Executive: Employee Experience

Fit for Today - Talent Acquisition Solution

Our talent acquisition solution allows organisations to use sound assessment practices to identify candidates from the application pool. Our fit for today talent acquisition solution will also ensure that the right talent is aligned with the right roles within the organisation.

Make better people decisions to avoid performance issues and unwanted behaviours in the future by onboarding new employees to a level of effective performance much faster.

Using the correct assessment solutions will increase the overall organisational performance by employing key talent that will increase individual performance, compliment your brand as an organisation, follow best practice talent acquisition processes and position you as an employer of choice.

Fit for Today Solutions

  • Executive and Managerial Level Assessments
    • Ensure that you select and recruit leaders and managers that will fit in your organisational culture and lead your employees effectively by displaying the desired leadership competencies
  • Professional and Specialists Level Assessments
    • Ensure that you select and recruit professionals and specialists that have the capability to deal with the complexities associated with their area of expertise
  • Entry-Level and Operational Level Assessments
    • Combine potential for operational efficiency with dependability and top skills to ensure that your work-force will deliver on what is expected of them
  • Graduate Screening and Selection
    • Outshine your competitors in finding the top graduate talent in a cost and time effective way, while meeting the high expectations of the new generation employees

Fit for Tomorrow - Talent Development and Mobility Solution

MIE’s Fit for Tomorrow’s talent development and mobility solution will identify an employee that is more likely to be successful future leaders and managers within your organisation.

By aligning talent to the right roles and organisational strategy, organisations will optimise their development investment by investing in top talent and have a better understanding of what their current human capital is capable of.

This solution can also identify and retain top talent and get them ready to deal with the demands and possible uncertainty of the future.

Fit for Tomorrow Solutions

  • Leadership and Management identification
    • Identify employees and managers that are more likely to be successful managers or executives and lead your organisation in the right direction. This solution can be employed to enhance your succession planning, leadership and management development or Hi-Potential identification programmes
  • Talent Audit
    • Get a snapshot of what your human capital looks like in relation to the demands on which you need to deliver on as an organisation
  • Talent Development
    • Increase performance and focus your development investments on the right areas that will be more impactful by identifying the key development areas of your employees.