• See the bigger picture
  • ZoomOut is a web based application with real time response
  • ZoomOut assists with fraud mitigation in the tender process
  • ZoomOut can identify potential conflict of interest in the HR and procurement process

ZoomOut is the newest addition to the family of technologically savvy software offered by MIE. ZoomOut links the HR and procurement process, resulting in combating fraud in the supply chain and recruitment process.

MIE is proud to launch ZoomOut. This technologically savvy software focuses on detecting potential risks within the procurement chain. ZoomOut is designed to see the bigger picture by identifying associations between vendors and employees.

  • Risk management by identifying potential conflict of interest
  • Detailed statistical reporting and audit tracking
  • Monitoring and evaluation as part of vendor vetting
  • Reputational risk mitigation
  • Reducing the cost of corrective measures post tender award
  • Detailed report extractions

ZoomOut is the interconnection between supply chain and HR. The software passes through layers of the different spheres of relationships, detecting risk in order to uphold integrity within the procurement and recruitment process.

Visit www.zoomout.co.za for more information.

The Company Credit Standing provides information about the business stability of a company by checking the following:

  • Trade on File
  • Statutory Detail on File
  • Subject Default
  • Principal Detail
  • Enquiry History
  • Bank on File
  • Deeds on File

Directorship Register

  • The Directorship Register checks whether or not the individual has any business interests in companies registered with the Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

SARS Verification

  • SARS Tax Verification verifies a company’s tax matters by validating Vat registration and Tax Clearance Certificates.

Persal Check

  • State Employee Verification establishes whether an individual is employed by the State on a National and Provincial level.

Visit www.zoomout.co.za for more information.

This search returns properties and its details that have been registered to an individual and or an organisation.

Visit www.zoomout.co.za for more information.

  • Expose hidden risk in business relationships and human networks
  • Extensive global media research; 100,000's sources
  • Part of a comprehensive employee and procurement vetting process

Politically Exposed People

  • Notifies clients of whether a person is politically exposed or listed as an individual on over 200 sanction lists.

Visit www.zoomout.co.za for more information.