Employee Risk Management

  • MIE’s technologically savvy tools help you manage HR risk
  • Secure web-based portals allow for fast turnaround times
  • MIE gives you the tools to hire a candidate that makes the grade

This is a register detailing fraudulent behaviour on the part of persons attempting to obtain goods or services or who were involved in fraudulent activity in the workplace.

Personal Profile Analysis

The report allows you to assess a candidate’s behavioural style by providing you with insight into the candidate’s personality and motivators while giving tips on how to successfully interview and manage the candidate.

This is conducted using Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) a psychological tool which is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Proficiency assessments

The assessments will determine whether or not your candidate possesses the required skills for the position they applied for.

These are conducted using Thomas International’s Skills Assessment Tests.

IMI - Integrity Assessment

MIE offers the tests within the scope of background checks that are used to assess the likelihood that employees will engage in dishonest behaviour.

Integrity tests are conducted to assess whether the potential candidate’s honesty and integrity in respect to theft and counterproductive work behaviour.

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