Psychometric & Competency Based Assessments

  • Ensure the best employee-position fit
  • Empowering your decision-making and removing the guesswork

Test Batteries are based on job descriptions or profiles as well as consultation with HR and/or Line Managers to determine the most critical competencies required for success in a particular role.

MIE Assessments are linked to individual, positional, team and organisational objectives and we offer tools that help drive business outcomes. We focus on gaining a holistic view of a job applicant, namely:

  • Cognition, abilities and skills,
  • Behaviour and personality attributes
  • Leadership styles and tendencies
  • Competency-based Simulations and interactive assessments

MIE utilises a wide range of nationally and internationally developed assessment tools, aligned to the SA market. This makes us well positioned to offer our clients the most appropriate and cost-effective means of measuring competence.

Assessment Reports: Reports are competency-based and easy to understand, addressing the specific needs associated for assessment, be it development or selection.

Assessment Tools: MIE chooses best of breed tools, based on the role-specific needs. We tailor our assessment approach to meet your needs and offer a fully flexible service in line with assessment best practices. We hold strong regard for ethical assessment practices and use tests that have been found to be valid, reliable and compliant with SA labour legislation. Where there is a request for a specific tool, MIE will strive to provide that tool as per the client and positional needs.

Assessment Process: The cost and length of batteries depends on the tools selected to best assess the inherent job requirements. Contact our sales team for a quote.

MIE has a number of off-the-shelf, online assessments that can be selected by clients via our technology platforms and run with candidates for quick and effective results.

  • Numeracy Test
  • Literacy Test
  • Graduate/ Learnership Assessment (Entry Level)
  • Call Centre Assessment (Entry level)
  • Personality Profile Competency Report
  • Integrity Test (IMI) – (Entry Level)
  • Security Assessment Profile (SAP) – (Entry level)
  • Reasoning Ability for Management Level
  • Sales/Customer Service Profile
  • Personality Profile (PPA)
  • Emotional Intelligence for Management

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