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Background Screening Index 2014

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Qualification Checks Per Category

MIE currently process a multitude of verifications of qualifications, which are classified according to the level and source of the qualification. The category with the lowest percentage risk has always been the National Qualifications Register (NQRTM), a database containing over 3.5 million graduate records operated and owned by MIE. NQRTM verifications are renowned for being quick, accurate and reliable. At present, MIE have 30 tertiary subscribing institutions.

The two categories indicating the highest risk are International qualifications on 50% and African qualifications reaching 43%. In 2014 MIE strengthened its operations in various African regions and formed several in-country partnerships in order to verify African qualifications more efficiently and accurately so that fraudulent practices could be averted.

MIE statistics for 2014 indicate that pre-1992 secondary qualifications, which are verified by the Department of Education (DOE), returned a result that carried 31% risk as opposed to post-1992 matric verifications, verified by Umalusi, which only carried 9% risk.

The substantial difference could be ascribed to fact that many records are decentralised and the verification process of archived records is paper based. It might also be perceived as easier to produce or acquire a fraudulent DOE certificate due to the fact that unlike Umalusi, the DOE certificates have limited, if any security features in place.

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