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Background Screening Index 2014

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Qualification Checks

2014 was indeed the year that had seen a number of high-profile officials named and shamed publicly for their fraudulent qualifications. The issue is continuing to grow and has become a huge concern especially due to the nature of the positions held by those who have been exposed.

Research conducted by MIE during 2014 point out that there are almost 700 “degree mills” worldwide with the list continuing to grow each year. This includes websites that offer fraudulent certificates whilst posing as a legitimate tertiary institution. Even though the buying and selling of fraudulent qualifications is a criminal offence, the demand for fake certifications is on the rise for both secondary and tertiary qualifications.

The notion of due diligence is too often overlooked. It is the responsibility of all employers, from the smallest businesses to the highest reaches of government, to thoroughly vet all their employees before employing a candidate. The earlier in the process this is discovered the better. Avoiding damaging your corporate image, your corporate performance standards and longevity of your business is always of the utmost importance.

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Every year MIE collects statistical data based on the type of result assigned to the various credentials checked. The table below indicate only a few of the type results that MIE associate with risk, some weighing more than others, when verifying a qualification.

Busy Not Claimed The qualification has NOT been awarded to the candidate. The candidate is still busy.
Fraudulent The qualification has NOT been awarded to Candidate. The qualification certificate supplied by the candidate has been confirmed as not authentic and has been forged or altered.
Incomplete Not Claimed The qualification has NOT been awarded to the candidate. The candidate did not complete the course.
Negative Qualification inconsistencies found. Various “whys and wherefores” are included within this result.
Result Blocked The qualification results for this candidate have been blocked by the institution.

MIE would like to highlight the alarming increase of Fraudulent and Negative results assigned to qualifications, over the past two years.

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