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Background Screening Index 2014

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Criminal By AFIS

The Afiswitch Criminal Illicit Activity Check is the only criminal background check available to the South African public and private enterprises as it accesses the most up-to-date criminal record database: The South African Police Service’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Non-AFIS criminal background checks bring adverse risk into the equation and, as such, are not sanctioned by MIE.

According to the risk analysis, monthly 2013 data on adverse results for criminal by AFIS checks all fall between 9 and 10%. This trend continued in 2014, with the lowest of 9.11% (March) and the highest of 10.28% (October). The average adverse risk percentage was 9.67% (up from 9.42% in 2013).

It is unclear why there was a slight increase, but this increase is negligible. What is clear, however, is the importance of checking the criminal backgrounds of your prospective/current employees. If, on average, 1 in 10 checks carry risk then for a small to medium enterprise of 50 employees, you can expect at least 5 adverse risk-carrying criminal by AFIS results.

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