MIE Makes Sure Qualifications are Worth the Paper they’re Printed On

Protect against fraudulent qualifications and other forgeries.


05 January 2010


In markets that are fraught with fraudulent activity, it is best to put in place all the necessary checks and balances to ensure details are true and people are who they say they are. This is the viewpoint of Ina van der Merwe, CEO at Managed Integrity Evaluation (Pty) Ltd. (MIE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ideco Group and established credentials verification provider in South Africa.

The company provides qualification verification as part of its core portfolio of background screening services. This means it has the resources, experience and expertise to verify any qualification issued to anyone anywhere.

This service is supported by several direct integration models and custom-built tools including the National Qualifications Register (NQR®).

The Register houses more than 2,3 million South African tertiary qualification records and ensures that information about qualifications can be sourced, processed and disseminated quickly.

“The National Qualifications Register is a valuable tool that gives us the ability to reference any qualification against a substantial database. This empowers employees to verify credentials and recruit the very best of the best, with peace of mind that these employees are up to the tasks assigned to them,” Van der Merwe explains.

“At the same time it ensures that both parties begin the relationship on the right footing, that all information presented is correct and that this phase of the interview and selection process is dealt with quickly and effectively. It is really of benefit to both employees and employers,” she continues.

Verification of credentials is also used at high school level. In the case of South African high school qualifications, MIE deploys its specialised eVerification web-based verification tool to several high-volume qualification information providers.

“Turnaround times are very nearly equal to those of the NQR and of the same high quality standard,” Van der Merwe adds.

The complete process of qualification verification is handled both entirely electronically and with specialist staff intervention, depending on the qualification being verified.

MIE’s professional call centre maintains all necessary service levels with the assistance of the company’s acclaimed PCV4 Background Screening System which ensures that all phases of the process are successfully completed.

These phases include query resolution, document management, vendor dispatch, as well as result assignment via several feedback reporting mechanisms.

According to Van der Merwe the credentials verification services space is growing, fuelled by compliance with information regulation legislation and other critical areas of corporate governance.

“Protection of assets, particularly information and other resources, is definitely a priority for decision makers. In an economy under pressure, in which companies have to compete at the very highest levels and with certainty in operation, managers can ill-afford to recruit with any doubts over the integrity of information supplied and records documented,” says Van der Merwe
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