NQR™ – National Qualifications Register

The National Qualifications Register (or NQR™) is South Africa’s first commercial aggregated qualifications register.

Owned and operated by MIE, the register was established in an ongoing effort to optimise the accuracy and speed of qualification verifications.

The NQR™ is an electronic register of all qualifications issued by the subscribing institutions. It is updated regularly to reflect the most recent graduation status for each institution, and enables almost instantaneous verification feedback for resident qualifications.

The NQR™ is an important tool for the verification industry, and is widely deployed to assist both public and private organisations in assuring the integrity of their workforces.

Established in October 2000, the NQR™ has upwards of 2.9 million student qualification entries, and is being actively used in the market place. To date, almost all of South Africa’s leading Universities and Universities of Technology, and several independent colleges, subscribe to the register, while MIE is negotiating with several others for their inclusion.

Subscribing Institutions

The following institutions are formal suppliers to the NQR™:

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